Automatic Enrolment – What If I Miss My Staging Date?

What happens if you miss your Automatic Enrolment staging date, and how to put it right

If you miss your Automatic Enrolment staging date you need to put it right as soon as possible. Here’s what to do:

1)Find out what your staging date is

The Pension Regulator should have written to you to let you know what this date is, but if you can’t find the letter you can get the date by going to You will need you PAYE reference to do this.

2) Phone the Pension Regulator

You need to phone the pension regulator to explain why you are late and how you are going to correct any errors. When you phone the Pension Regulator you will need your PAYE reference. The Pension Regulator phone number is 0345 600 1011.

Hopefully no penalties will be charged on late registration of Automatic Enrolment, as long as you register before the declaration of compliance deadline.

3) Tell your employees

You need to tell your employees about the pension scheme

4) Assess your employees and work out missed pension contributions

You will need to assess the workforce and calculate contributions for them from the staging date.

Note that it is not possible to postpone employees if you have missed your staging date, meaning you will have to calculate contributions from the staging date. This is because the deadline for issuing the postponement notice is six weeks and a day from which they wish to use postponement. If the notice is not issued, postponement cannot be applied.

For example assume the staging date was 1 April 2016 and you register for Automatic Enrolment on 1 August 2016. Because 1 April is more than 6 weeks ago you cannot postpone Automatic Enrolment. This means the pension deductions will need to be calculated from 1 April 2016.

5) Complete the declaration of compliance




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